Not everything in a trouser is a man and not everything in a skirt is a woman. As simple as it may sound it’s quite something, deep stuff. How much of a woman are you? How much of a man are you? What’s the measure of manhood? What’s the measure of real womanhood? Is being a woman telling people mean stuff and cover up with ‘lol( just kidding’? Am not the only one who does that, I bet I wanna talk more about womanhood, because there’s more than that, more than skirts dresses and panty hoses, maybe on my next article .

For now, though, I’ll talk of my expectations, what I want, what I think I ought to see and deserve. It’s always good not to over expect. What makes a man a man? A gentleman? What’s the standard? According to the psalmist it’s ‘ITS keep the word of GOD’. I don’t know the atheists definition. According to me? If you wanna know, sometimes I wonder too, will I teach my son to be a gentleman?’ it bothers me much but at least I know I will teach him the way of GOD. When times comes though.

Back to manly material, whatever that is. you dress well, those fitting pants, that fitting shirt making portrait of the arched and carved six pack ,you hit the gym every morning ,I like that, I like that you flaunt the latest of gadgets ,you drive a fairly good car for someone your age, maybe Mark X or Corolla etc. Whichever your effort is appreciated, utterly. Simply you got charm, you got a little bit of humor here and there; dry ,witty, that’s alright, I like that too. You are the boy with swag (IG). BOY not Man.  You sample women in the name of ‘am just a man’. When did cheating and adultery become part of manhood? God and Satan know better. They seem almost acceptable for men; they have embraced it with full swing and strength. From the shepherd herding flock on the pews, the very man ‘full of the Spirit’ earning sadaka from the unwary sheep, condemning the very act that he, himself, savors its bitter and sweet in secrecy. To the literal shepherd in cold of the fields, to the distraught hardworking farmer who just earned his bonus. Both, in the dark shadowed alleys, and corners backstreet partake of the forbidden cup. They say ‘after all who will know? And besides we are men’. All said and done being a man is not the number of women you have laid or have laid you; it’s not the number of bottles you took down last night.

Still, what makes you a man or gentleman in that matter? It’s all about being yourself and being real. I don’t need you to fly choppers (which you don’t have) for me. You don’t have to pull a chair for me at dinner, neither do you have to hold the car door for me or open it for me. I got two hands. You don’t have to pay the lunch bill for me too. You don’t have to pay the bus fare for me. None of that is required of you. It ain’t any of your obligations, you ain’t my dad, or simply I can pay. You hide behind ‘society requires’. Am so comfortable doing some stuff on my own. You don’t have to put up all this gentlemanly act if you ain’t one, relax, be you. Please stop this cheap small game. Why don’t you pay for an air ticket for a random lady who happens to be buying one at the same time as you? How many times do you offer to fuel a random ladies car you saw at the petrol station? How many times do you pay bills for some random lady stuck at Hilton? Rather, how many do that? We live in the day where there are more in the show window but nothing in the store room. Be yourself, no one requires you to do any of the above, do it because it’s part of your value system as a man not because you feel pushed to do it. Though it’s a +1 for you if you can do a10649929_10152699578521512_6426423873790971976_n


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