Women who cant say NO

Women who cant say no. They are the women who live to please, they are the women who fear rejection. The women who will do anything and everything for attention. For such women i cant use the word graceful, neither can i use the word elegant.

They accept second rate treatment, because deep down they’ve never believed they stand and deserve a first class ticket through life. They walk in the shadows of their men,they trail behind them, shoulders slumped but seemingly ‘high’. They show up for events in ‘labelled’ apparel in the tow of their men,’do nothing ,talk nothing,but curtsy and smile’ is their tag. They appear to be ,yet they are not really there. They are never content.

They are drawn to the type of man who loves to control.Oh,how strong their desire is to please!!!! Do they ever find the confidence to say no? Do they ever get to express the art that is in womanhood. One of my aunties says’ a woman’s brain is like a clock’ . So i wonder’ does their clock tick?’.

They say ‘let the man be the man’   . Why cant you be you? just be you.

It is good to be nice ,sweet,considerate. That’s completely adorable , i love those qualities. it is good not to hurt people but it’s best not to be hurt because you choose to be.

Saying ‘no’  is as hard and as easy as saying yes’ in particular situations . we have to be careful who we trade our lighter sorrow for. Be careful who you trade your greater happiness for . Never compromise. Learn to be firm, own yourself,own your thought.


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  1. siron says:

    good art


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