If their is a word i never use on myself, it is the word ‘bitch’. And if there are two emotions i can explain best it is ‘angry’ and ‘happy’.But let me just say today am feeling bitchy.And also ,forget the latter emotion.

I have been for sometime, snapping,shouting and screaming at people  and then followed by a fake smile but a real apology.

Today ,I don’t feel like apologizing for any of that. In fact, I feel like being provoked and snapping even better.

If   an Outlander was handy,I’d have cruised at 2ookm/hr on some lonely deserted high way, I’d hoot the world out of me.I’d drive on, and drive,and drive. Find myself at a karaoke night,  sing and sing and sing the frustration out of my little impatiently patient soul. If I were Pacman no if Pacman was the ‘today me’ we’d have beaten Mayweather hands down.

Sadly i aint and got nothing of the above  .So am at my study desk, hitting my keyboard hard,shouting,screaming with my fingers.That’s all i got . But am an angry woman for today. Don’t ask why, i wont tell.That’s being gullible . I can only control it.

As much as We don’t want to admit,the world is always about winning or losing,which makes it a contest. No one loves losing,neither do i . Winning is great,especially when you don’t have to choose the battles .

I don’t want to break it down. Think about  it. Don’t give anyone a loophole,it might bring you down someday. On that note, I conceal reasons for my anger.







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  1. noris says:

    nice article


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