Havent you met the devil? Well, meet me

When “the right thing to do ” has been the song of your life, all yoou need is to veer off once. One off-road moment is enough.

It is enough to make you a serial liar, a pregnant whore, a vicious drug addict, a cheat, slut, home-wrecker, in fact, the devil himself.

To everyone else;

-in you, is a saint

In your eyes;

-in you is the devil, chief of the chiefs in darkness. when you have a strong conscience that is what you feel.

You know how to overrate and overreact to the wrongs you do while downgrading all the good you ever did. And that, is the “you haven’t met the devil meet me ” attitude.

You only tripped but in you, you  are 100 times worse than the one who fell.

You attempted to lie , you were caught (serial liar), you had sex once , you became pregnant(whore), a married mama/ guy winked at you, you gasped “oh my God ,am a home-wrecker”.   you were just asked out for lunch by some guy, you snap “i am not a cheat”. who said you are ?.

This is what happens when you grow up in a conservative society: you do something small- you think you are the badass or beat your self up for it. your head screams “come meet the devil!”

coming soon ,


keep watch.





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  1. onyanchafm says:

    fantastic investigative story . you can get to higher heights….keep up

    Liked by 1 person

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