I know you  love them . They have stuck with your girls for a couple of months maybe some years . You are so attached you cant believe it’s over . It was the best of treatment and enhancement your girls got. But its over girl, ditch them.” It was awesome when it lasted” you should say.

If am not allowed to declare this ,then it is too bad I cant apologize.Everyone has a favorite part of their body, for me it is my bust. And, for a woman undergarments are very important, bras are especially important to an above D’-cup  woman. We all have that favorite bra regardless of your breast size. We wear it too much sometimes and we have to know when to give it a break,like ditch it forever.


The wire is popping; it is ugly, above all, its poking and hurting your girls, it is time to let go.They can not support you nor your girls nor your back ,they have lost stability , relief your shoulders of the weight, let go acquire new ones.

Are they going all yeezy on you?  nay, we don’t do yeezy for bras. Go buy new ones sweetheart. When they get ripped ,its time for you to say its over.

Are they finally showing their true colors?Thank goodness! now you know what is really beneath. Drop them. Especially black no one appreciates a black faded bra (black turned grey), pink can fade and its fine . Though, you had your satisfaction, they served you well. now save your self the distaste.

On a serious note : if any wire beneath your bra is popping out, if your bra is torn (it is old),if it is faded and if it is not strong enough , keep it off your girls . move on !

And lastly never stop shopping for undergarments . You will never have enough bras. A lot more is coming and i will be here for you   . stay tuned, keep your eyes open .


there is more on my plate , so hold on

it’s coming your way,













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