Dear D+ woman,
Am not going to talk about bra sizes, maybe later, by now you should know about it. It’s common knowledge. Here are the nitty gritty of adorning your sexy underwears ( above all vital):
Avoid thick padded bras. Go for the least of the pad if not none at all.your bust size is already big enough you don’t need to exaggerate it, its presence is already screaming
A bra needs not squeeze your boobs; its primary purpose is to support and enhance + comfort. That means there should be a little allowance between your skin and the bra. A heavily padded bra + the allowance =unsightly major bust. On top of that its squeezes your boobs and hurts them.
In case you did not know, your breasts are very sensitive thus need pampering. Do them the favor

2.) Straps .
First of all, if you are to wear a strapless bra, make sure it is sturdy.
That aside, thin bra straps are a no go into affair if you measure more than D or any figure/40 and above. At that size, your breasts have a considerable amount of weight and when you wear a thin strap it is more likely to cut into your shoulder muscle. It’s a little uncomfortable especially when you have to carry a handbag on your shoulders. It adds to the discomfort, sometimes a bruise or pain. On the other hand, wider bra straps reduce the impact on your shoulders.
For the sake of time, let’s do with the two above.
Keep watch as I explore more on the do and don’ts of bras and better still we are going to work out the girls.

The above are some of the ideal structures of bras for a woman with a size able bust.

Till then.



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