It’s my rant time.

Who gave men the right to comment on/criticize  women? Or is it obligatory that they do? Sorry, my type of woman did not get the memo of your bestowing as the official women ‘watchdogs’. It is just as nerve cracking as hormonal mood swings might seem to you.

Last week, on one of the days, me and my girlfriend had left class, headed to the main gate. It was a long day, tiring too. So, we chose to walk slowly or rather stroll. When I walk that slow, I pay attention to lots of things around me. It is almost natural that in silence and peace of mind I eavesdrop a lot during such walks. My sense of hearing was unusually high, aware of every other sound around me. We conversed in low tones as we walked.  I was calm, in a good mood but susceptible to irritation.  And exactly, that is what happened.

I couldn’t help it, but neither could I scream at the boys. A group of boys walked past us just as immediately as a girl walked past us too.  The boys giggled, I assumed, none of my business either way. But what came next, was ALOT of my BUSINESS.     In low tones and giggles, they were body-shaming the girl.

That caught my attention, so I looked at the boys. They were nothing close to attractive (my opinion). I doubt they could even have the guts just to say hi to the girl. Why were they doing this?   Because they think they were too hot cake?  What makes every man think they can comment or say whatever they want about a woman? A woman they do not even know. Do men think they are flawless?  That we lack bad things to say to random strange men?

I believe that we give men a lot of respect, and we deserve it back, all of it. I haven’t seen a woman cat call a man. We even do not care about random men’s pot bellies, but some of the men have all the time in the world to embarrass women.

If you cant respect people and their space , at least make sure you are hotter or better than them.









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