she  said:



I have a man. I finally do. Not my man, though. Man of my dreams he is, not mine. I have nursed subtle Goosebumps in little almost nonexistent but frequent waves, he is that guy. I mean the ones you want to keep forever. Well, my heart hasn’t skipped any beat for this guy, not yet. I would have had 100 heart attacks if so. He is the one guy that I have always managed to be collected around, for ever since we have known each other; I have managed to keep my calm

I listened(oh what a dreamer!). She continued:

From a distance, I have watched. He’s always snaked a way to mention all the dates he’s gone, even though I never ask. The friend that I am listens, nods, sends a thumbs up once in a while while my bile boils up inside. I have always liked his pictures on social media, grotesquely complete with a woman in tow, seen many other, studied them for a while and never liked, just to act like I didn’t see them. Occasionally I flirt with other guys, just to take up time,you know.

Sometimes it gets a little cozy; we get to open up. We talk of our relationships and social life. All in the name of catching up he will ask “do you have a boyfriend now?” and I’ll say “no hurry, am still young, casual dates always do for me.” Which is true, though. But the unspoken will always be unspoken, buried deep down in layers of casual dates.  Being am a Jidenness (classic woman), I’ll keep quiet, nurse my tender love and weigh on what this girl might endure /enjoy:


Man of her dreams may finally ditch dreamland and asks her out.

Scenario 1

Happily ever after

Scenario 2

After gaining the ‘girlfriend’ title, she thinks she landed a jackpot. So she’ll be busy trying to be perfect, and it will all end up a hoax

Scenario 3

Worst-case scenario-she will be  introduced to the girlfriend. She will top on the list of guests for his engagement party, or better still our ‘Miss good friend’ will be the one making the list. She might sit on the wedding committee. Her man then, who will be some random guy who showed up in her life, will accompany her or pick her after the meetings. She will attend his wedding dressed to kill alongside a ‘good friend’-worthy gift, she’ll clap heartily after the ‘you may kiss the bride’. She’ll wish the newlyweds well. Because she is no home wrecker, she’ll settle in with her random guy; kiss her dreams goodbyeJL

Scenario 4(my scenario)(if this ever happens to me, ishindwe!)

Dear man of my dream,

I hate to be the one waiting.  Don’t worry, I will dream anew before 1, 2 and 3 happen

forwarded by,



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  1. Joan Mchana says:

    You so get me on this one!


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