PERFECT BRA… continued

After giving you two of the perfect bra tips, am back again, intent on finishing what I started. This is a topic that I might never fully exploit as of now, but hold on as we discover more and more.

Bra straps as important as they are, are not as critical as the cup of a bra. The base area of the bra that is the bust-line and the cup is what make it a bra.

With or without straps a bra should provide support. Support is from the base. Thus, the major reason you have to be more than worried when straps cut into your shoulder flesh. You are hanging your breasts on your shoulders; your bra isn’t providing support as it should. It is making you look like you have some two watermelons suspended from an overloaded sling.

Again I ask, is your bra supportive enough?

 The key highlight should be: how you feel when you wear it? Do you feel good? Confident? Comfortable? If yes, go for it.

In the best of cases: does your bra keep your tits in place? And still maintain a finger-width allowance? If you can slide your index finger freely through the strap-skin gap in your shoulder area, then it is a right one.

Finally, when shopping for bras, it is crucial that you know what you want . you need to understand your breasts, we have different sizes and shapes, not everything is meant for you.

Join me on the next(last but not least) episode of  ‘The perfect bra’.


With love, BYE:-*

Thank you for your constant readership,

Signed: DD’ un’ republica

Ms Nyatichi Saragi.



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