From woman to woman, boobs vary incredibly  — and it’s not just as simple as either having big boobs or small ones.

Third Love, a lingerie company took the pleasure and luxury of studying and understanding the boob types different women have.. take a sneak peek, and have identified that there are seven different types among women.

Bra shopping has now taken a major turnaround from ‘all to do with size’ craze to include the shape of bras that would suitably adorn your girls.

So, here you go girls.

Explore and find what best suits you.


  1. Round

If your breasts appear to be equally full at both the top and bottom, then you’ve got Round boobs. People with these assets don’t tend to need particularly structured, padded bras, as you don’t need the bra to help shape the breasts — nature’s done that for you.round


  1. East West

Do your nipples point outwards? If so, you’re probably an East-West kind of girl. Or even if your actual nipples don’t point in opposite directions of the compass, if your general boob area seems to gravitate away from the center of your chest, then you can put yourself in this category too. Third love recommends a t-shirt bra for anyone with East West boobs, thanks to the fact that it smoothes over the shape and helps to draw them in.east west


  1. Side Set

If your breasts have ample space between them, then your work here is done because you’ve got Side Set boobs. These tend to be a little fuller in shape than those who come under the East West category, and best suit plunge bras, which hoist your boobs up and draw them in. Perfect.sideset


  1. Tear Drop

Tear Drop boobs are exactly what they sound like. If they’re rounded but slightly less full at the top, then you can identify with having Tear Drops. Which, luckily for you, are the most flexible type of breast shape, suiting most bras.teardrops


  1. Slender

Slender breasts tend to be slimmer at the top, fuller at the bottom, and longer than they are wide. Have you got that? Because it’s a lot of dimensions to judge. Extra evidence for having slender boobs is if they’re relatively small in cup size. For this type of chest, Third Love advises wearing a plunge bra with padding to help with size as well as helping give you some lift.slender


  1. Asymmetric

It might sound odd, but most women have asymmetry in their boobs in some shape or form. But if one of your breasts is notably larger than the other, then this is your stop: You’ve got Asymmetric breasts. Usually, the discrepancy in size isn’t too drastic that you have to start getting special bras fitted, so trying one with removable padding should do the trick nicely.


  1. Bell Shape

Bell Shape boobs sound characteristically similar to Slender boobs, but Bell Shapes tend to be larger than the slender shapes. So when bra shopping, think support and try to stay away from those troublesome balconettes, which will probably have you spilling out from all angles.



Here we are, which one are you?

Key takeaways for you bra shopping expedition

No gaping/ overflow in the cups(try half cups)

no slippage/ digging in the straps

make sure you can slip two fingers underneath the back of the bra band.

And finally, let no vendor or retailer tell you what is good for your boobs unless they are experts . You should know and understand your body more than anybody, lest you fill your closet with junk bras that you will never wear.

Happy belated women’s day.

Happy bra shopping:-)

With love,

Ms. Saragi.

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  1. onyanchafm says:

    Awesome work for with lots of health lifestyle Ideologies for our ladies On Mar 9, 2016 1:22 PM, “D.D Un Republica” wrote:

    > Saragi Nyatichi posted: “From woman to woman, boobs vary incredibly — and > it’s not just as simple as either having big boobs or small ones. Third > Love, a lingerie company took the pleasure and luxury of studying and > understanding the boob types different women have.. take a sne” >

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