Hello readers,


I have missed writing to you. Today has been hectic and fun, great. Name it.  I have been running up and down; shopping therapy ain’t a bad thing to start a morning with. And before you guess it. My feature was lingerie shopping; the rest were minor. How better could an afternoon be spent if not a lunch out with friends?

Back to the feature, lingerie shopping. Late last week, precisely, Friday. I was at ‘the hub Karen’ and if you know the hub, you should know my last stop (maybe first too) would be at the ‘Sapph Nairobi’ store.

I melted at its sight. Those bras are heavenly. I’d invest in one.  when it comes to things you treasure, you just don’t spend on them, you just don’t buy neither do you just sacrifice because YOU INVEST! Sister, invest in good lingerie, you’d rather buy the bra for whichever price.

Today I was at ‘Mombasa rest house’.   Another set of bras to behold.

For the cheaper option go to Mombasa rest house(first floor). Inside the building there are several mini-stalls .this gives you an array of options to choose from.So long as you know and understand your boobs, you can pick the best of bras at a pocket-friendly rate.

. They are the same bras you would find at jade collection only that jades are overrated by an average of 50/= or just a better quality and lower price of what you would find at Kenyan supermarkets and the likes of woolworths and truworth. Of the latter two, what I can I say is they are a total failure to the plus size bust mamas. If not a rip-off.

If there is one advantage small busted women have over the rest of us, is they can buy a bra anywhere and it will be just fine. They can walk into Woolworths and get what they want or a supermarket or a stall. We can’t afford to buy bras randomly, we have to keenly circle out what is for us.

If you want to spend on lingerie you should know better, sapph Nairobi is here now, been here for a while; it’s breathtaking… you can order online from

There you have it

Happy bra shopping, ladies 🙂

This should have come a month ago ,but it is never late.


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  1. Amon says:

    Nice piece for the ladies republic big up

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