Basic isn’t basic anymore. In fact, basic is a luxury. A luxury no one can and should afford. Why we are having motivational talks and sermons titled ‘BACK TO THE BASICS!’????   Because luxury is basic and being basic is just too luxurious to afford .As simple as basic is! It’s no longer normal to be basic i.e ride on a donkey,when you are Jesus. If Jesus was me or some people i know …we’d fly Airforce 1, Harambee 1 and complete the entourage with all the ‘world  1’s ‘ that i don’t know  of yet. Thank goodness it’s an ‘if’.

basic has been twisted. i no longer understand if its a compliment (simplicity and humility) or if its an insult(i.e basic chic)/another word for mediocrity or simply basic(s)-must haves. do we need need to be basic?or is it exotic? ordinary or extraordinary to be basic?

Basic is a luxury only the poor can afford because rich is the new basic ,poor will always be a misfit. Being  a smart-ass is basic , everyone  is scoring A’s after all. Being dump is a luxury you cant afford brother.

Being in a relationship is too basic. Remember basic is a luxury you cant afford you’d rather  hang out with your boy crew and get FWB arrangements ,you can as well be homo,who cares anyway. Again,remember it’s a free world, a world without basics-extraordinaire  in all aspects. liberal is the new cool,conservative has never cut across circles, either way.

Actually, whatever i learnt in my  economics classes are luxuries that i cant afford to proclaim as principles . Because a shelter isn’t basic ,a car is basic-a big machine in that sense,that’s why people are driving cars fancier than the homes they own.

In this day and age everyone is thinking big ,none is thinking basic. Basic is a strong united family bound by cords of love never broken.But who thinks of family when there’s money to chase,a career ladder to escalate,business trips to make and meetings to catch up time has become too luxurious to afford.

There was a time ,a time when old school love was the in thing,the times when our mothers tied perfect turbans , wore miniskirts and were never stripped, when family meant the world not your crew or gang as you call your buddies, the times when society was society and basic was still basic and the basic was IMPORTANT.

we may never be back to the basics,but how i wish they were still basic